Dear Sir,

It was 15 min when I had 1st catch up with you.

Still I remember questions you threw to me and I was inspired with your contribution for people development within our organization.

I was impressed with the vast knowledge you have and realized an immense value of reading for the improvement of knowledge and vocabulary.

Before I joint to these session I was a poor reader and these two factors really elated to read at least single article per day. Really appreciate you effort to make me a reader by sharing online articles, magazines such as Readers digest, Top gear etc.

One word expansion, ideas mapping are the most important areas ever I covered and those are really support me to speak up. After the series of sessions we were able to step up and now we are on the ball.

Your extended support/guidance throughout our journey is very much appreciated and happy to meet such a gentlemen like you sir.

I should thank other colleges and Fonterra for their continuous support to make these sessions happened irrespective of their busy schedules.

Eventually I would say “it was a life learning session with your anecdotes”.




Dear Mr. Dyan,

Thank you very much for your so kind guidance and teaching for 20 very special weeks in my life. The period was and will remain special. Within the session I believe I’ve improved myself not only in language and communication skills but also in many aspect of my career and personal life.

Other than providing us best language teaching experience during this period you were one of the most effective human skill developer to me.

It was really nice experience each time in Tuesday evening; It’s amazing that a person, age of My farther and a master scholar but so young when mixing with us young strugglers. You respected what we love and even provided us gifts. Truly Unbelievable!

Your teaching techniques are advance but simple to follow; Helped to get rid of filler words, fear of public speaking to an extent. Improved the vocabulary but there we need more practise from our side as well.

It was really really nice to have you as our teacher and a mentor.

Thank you very much from the deepest portions of my heart. No more words; we really like to have you again!

Your student,

Chinthaka Gamage